Worker - Starts services from the command-line.

Workers add signal handling, logging, and other things required to start and manage services in a process environment.

class mode.worker.Worker(*services:, debug: bool = False, quiet: bool = False, logging_config: Dict = None, loglevel: Union[str, int] = None, logfile: Union[str, IO] = None, redirect_stdouts: bool = True, redirect_stdouts_level: Union[int, str] = None, stdout: Optional[IO] = <_io.TextIOWrapper name='<stdout>' mode='w' encoding='UTF-8'>, stderr: Optional[IO] = <_io.TextIOWrapper name='<stderr>' mode='w' encoding='UTF-8'>, console_port: int = 50101, loghandlers: List[logging.Handler] = None, blocking_timeout: Union[datetime.timedelta, float, str] = 10.0, loop: = None, override_logging: bool = True, daemon: bool = True, **kwargs: Any)

Start mode service from the command-line.

BLOCK_DETECTOR: ClassVar[str] = 'mode.debug:BlockingDetector'
services: Iterable[ServiceT] = None
debug: bool = None
quiet: bool = None
logging_config: Optional[Dict] = None
loglevel: Optional[Union[str, int]] = None
logfile: Optional[Union[str, IO]] = None
loghandlers: List[Handler] = None
redirect_stdouts: bool = None
redirect_stdouts_level: int = None
stdout: IO = None
stderr: IO = None
console_port: int = None
blocking_timeout: Seconds = None
say(msg: str) → None

Write message to standard out.

carp(msg: str) → None

Write warning to standard err.

on_init_dependencies() → Iterable[]

Return list of service dependencies for this service.

async on_first_start() → None

Service started for the first time in this process.

async default_on_first_start() → None
async on_execute() → None
on_setup_root_logger(logger: logging.Logger, level: int) → None
async maybe_start_blockdetection() → None
install_signal_handlers() → None
logger = <Logger mode.worker (WARNING)>
execute_from_commandline() → NoReturn
on_worker_shutdown() → None
stop_and_shutdown() → None
async on_started() → None

Service has started.

property blocking_detector